we are an anti-poverty charity
aimed at tackling the effects of poverty in Kinross-shire.

Established in 2013, Broke Not Broken began by collecting donated food and storing in a spare room, then a garage before moving to The Beacon where the food bank is now based. Then we sought funding for a counselling service, and then an advice hub. Each project that has been developed comes from conversations and feedback from clients. This participative approach ensures the projects are useful and meaningful. We operate within Kinross-shire, a rural area with a population of around 14,000, and an area with significant hidden poverty.

Get Involved

If you would like to volunteer your time and energy we would love to have you on board. You can also support us in the community, or by writing to your local politician and councillor about how they are working to end the need for food banks. There are lots of ways you can get involved. 


We run lots of projects throughout the year to help relieve a bit of pressure. These include a School Uniform project at the beginning of the summer holidays, and winter clothing support in October. We can help with energy support payments with referrals, and energy advice (through our friends at The Heat Project). Lots of people need support at the moment, so please get in touch if you think that we can help by filling out the form below or getting in touch. Also if you would like to become a referral agent please fill out the form below.


We rely on the generosity of our community. Donations of money, time and food are all gratefully received. We take great care to ensure funds are allocated carefully and take all food donations equally as seriously. You can click the button below to find out a bit more about what we need and don’t need and about how to donate to us.



If you are struggling financially please contact Perth Citizens’ Advice (0808 196 9440) who can help with income and debt issues, or  Perth and Kinross Welfare Rights team, who can support you to access any additional welfare support, if you are entitled to it. The leaflet below shows other contact numbers that will be able to offer advice and and support.

You can complete the self referral for Welfare Rights very quickly by filling out this form

Worrying about Money - Perth and Kinross desk guide 10.12.20

Who are we?

 Annie McCormack


Susan Mitchell


Sheena Hall


Hannah Duncan

Development Officer – Fundraising and volunteering

danielle Ramage

Develpment Officer  – Upstream and Campaigning

Faiza Hanseaj-Jackson


Joyce Horsman


Clare Slight


David Main


Yvette Noble


How to contact us

The Beacon,
St Paul’s Church,
The Muirs, Kinross
07518 913107
Opening Hours Tuesday 10am-2pm or Thursday 10am-2pm
Currently operating delivery only for food parcels